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Dr. Sreelatha Varma

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In Business Since 2004

Grafica Fine Art & Custom Framing

7884 Big Bend Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63119-2702

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Dr. Sreelatha Varma
The Dream
In the Garden
The Sakhi Dance
The Reflection
The Yearning
The Water Palace
The Melancholy
The Penumbra
The Blue Pearl
The Royal Wedding

Artist Statement
Dr. Sreelatha Varma

Water is essential for life. This series of paintings is the result of confluent dream patterns experienced by the Artist in a wakeful state of mind wherein the real beauty and splendor of the World is manifested in the form of Water and the beautiful ensemble of the radiance emanated by all the creatures of the Almighty.

In the beginning, there is water, and in the end, there is water and in between, water is essential for survival. The same water which quenches the thirst, also can heal the spirit and can make you submerge in the spirit of Radiance. Everywhere I turn in this world, I see beauty. Beauty and Radiance in the form of wavelengths of colors and vibration particles. Great experience closing your eyes and submerging in the water of dreams wherein colorful radiance, brilliant patterns, microwaves and patterns of life emerge. Why don’t you let your Spirit experience the total bliss?

Anyone who maintains the ability to see beauty never gets old. My paintings depict the true nature of the Mother Earth wherein she is inviting you to experience her in all her Splendor. She is serene, of utmost beauty, adorned with the most precious jewels of the Earth, and stays submerged in the Water. Her eyes are the Creation, Her Forehead is the Sustenance, Her Third Eye is the seat of the Cosmos. She created beautiful palaces. She created life and it is She who created the Dance of the Cosmos, and is an all-existent rhythmic vibratory wave dance, resplendent with pure awareness and gives a feeling of awe and wonder. It is one of the highest experiences of which the human psyche is capable. Through awareness only, we experience the underlying beauty of everything and every being. When the soul is satisfied, beauty arises. When the beauty arises, it gives joy to the heart. I want to distribute this joy, that emanates from my heart to the world. My mission is to spread the beauty and joy to the Universe and Spirit.

The time we have for living is quite finite. So, why not strive to see with the eye of the beholder and entwine our souls with a tranquil grin and experience Joy? Remember, the most destructive forces in nature, Fire and Water, can also have the power of beauty.

I hope my paintings bring you the chance to experience the unexpected and unpremeditated journey and dream of enjoyment in life.  

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